Circa Barbershop

Located in Columbia, SC’s historic downtown, Circa Barbershop was founded by D.R. Granger and is home to a handful of professional barbers. With a vintage, Americana atmosphere, Circa wanted to show every modern man that he can take on the world after a hot towel wrap or a fresh trim. In our most recent collaboration with Circa Barbershop we created this video to show off the modern vibe of the barbershop for use in social media advertisements.

Circa Barbershop DR
Circa Barbershop - Emma
Circa Barbershop Martha
Circa Barbershop Jeffrey
Circa Barbershop Taylor
Circa Barbershop Joseph

To serve the dapper clientele in Columbia, we knew the best way that Circa Barbershop could raise awareness and reach their goals of booking more appointments online for a cut, trim or shave was through short, humorous ads.


In order for potential clients to get a feel for the shop before they booked their appointment, we created a web background video for Circa's initial website launch.

We've also worked with Circa Barbershop to create a lifestyle video showcasing their line of haircare products.

Kickstand completely captured the image of our brand from start to finish. They were able to take a loose idea and bring it into focus and make something very special. We won’t be using anyone else. DR Granger, Circa Barbershop

DR Granger

Owner, Circa Barbersop